Open Access Policy

Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences

The Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (JASSS) is committed to the principles of open access, ensuring that scholarly research is freely and readily accessible to a global audience. Our open access policy reflects our dedication to promoting the dissemination of knowledge and fostering collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in the field of social sciences.

Access to Content
All content published in JASSS is freely available to anyone with an internet connection, without any subscription or access fees. This unrestricted access enables researchers, educators, students, and the general public to read, download, share, and cite articles published in our journal without barriers.

Authors' Rights
Authors retain the copyright to their work published in JASSS, granting the journal the right to distribute and archive their contributions. This empowers authors to share their research with a wider audience while maintaining control over their intellectual property. Authors are encouraged to disseminate their work through various channels, including personal websites, institutional repositories, and social media platforms.


All articles published in JASSS are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license. This license permits others to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work for non-commercial purposes only, as long as they give proper attribution to the author(s) and JASSS. This licensing approach ensures broad dissemination of research while safeguarding authors' rights for non-commercial reuse.

JASSS is committed to ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of published content. We partner with reputable digital archives and repositories to archive our articles, ensuring their availability for future generations of scholars and researchers. Additionally, all articles published in JASSS are assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI), facilitating easy citation and linking to the original source.

Transparency and Sustainability
Our open access policy promotes transparency in scholarly communication by providing unrestricted access to research findings. We strive to maintain a sustainable publishing model that covers the costs associated with editorial processes, peer review, and publication without imposing financial barriers on authors or readers. We may charge article processing fees to cover publication costs, but we offer waivers or discounts to authors from low-income countries or those facing financial hardship.

Feedback and Support
We welcome feedback from authors, readers, and the academic community regarding our open access policy and practices. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact the editorial office at or visit our website

Last updated: June 30, 2023