Guideline for Reviewers

Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences

As a reviewer for the Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (JASSS), you play a vital role in ensuring the quality, integrity, and relevance of the research published in our journal. Your constructive feedback and critical evaluation contribute to the advancement of scholarship in the field of social sciences. The following guidelines are designed to assist you in conducting thorough and fair peer reviews:

1. Timeliness
Reviewers are requested to promptly respond to invitations to review and complete their evaluations within the agreed-upon timeline. Timely reviews are essential for minimizing delays in the publication process and facilitating scholarly exchange.

2. Confidentiality
Reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the peer-review process. Manuscripts under review should not be discussed or shared with others without the explicit permission of the journal's editorial office. Any conflicts of interest that may compromise impartiality should be disclosed to the editor promptly.

3. Objectivity and Constructive Feedback
Reviews should be conducted objectively, focusing on the scholarly merit, methodology, significance, and originality of the manuscript. Constructive feedback should be provided to authors, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and offering suggestions for improvement where necessary.

4. Scholarly Rigor
Reviewers are expected to assess the accuracy and validity of the research presented in the manuscript. This includes evaluating the appropriateness of the theoretical framework, methodology, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Any concerns regarding methodological flaws, data manipulation, or ethical issues should be addressed in the review.

5. Clarity and Transparency
Reviewers should provide clear, well-structured, and substantiated feedback to authors and editors. Comments should be articulated in a professional manner, avoiding jargon or overly technical language. Reviewers are encouraged to provide specific examples or citations to support their critiques and recommendations.

6. Respect and Professionalism
Reviewers should treat authors with respect and professionalism, acknowledging the effort and contributions made to the research. Criticism should be constructive and focused on improving the quality of the manuscript. Reviewers should refrain from personal attacks, bias, or discriminatory remarks.

7. Compliance with Guidelines
Reviewers should familiarize themselves with the journal's submission guidelines, editorial policies, and ethical standards. Reviews should adhere to the journal's criteria for publication and comply with relevant guidelines, such as those outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

8. Continued Engagement
Reviewers are encouraged to provide feedback on revised manuscripts and engage in ongoing dialogue with authors and editors to ensure the integrity and rigor of the peer-review process. Your commitment to scholarly excellence is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the peer-review process at JASSS. Your dedication and expertise are instrumental in maintaining the high standards of our journal and advancing knowledge in the field of social sciences.

Last updated: June 30, 2023