Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (JASSS) welcomes original research that explores the full spectrum of social phenomena, fostering diverse methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives. We encourage submissions that:

  • Contribute to the theoretical and empirical development of the social sciences: Engage with established theories, propose new frameworks, and offer robust empirical evidence to advance our understanding of social issues.
  • Bridge disciplinary boundaries: Utilize interdisciplinary frameworks, promote innovative methodological combinations, and draw insights from diverse social science fields.
  • Investigate critical social issues: Focus on pressing concerns facing humanity, including social justice, inequality, climate change, education, healthcare, and global development.
  • Emphasize global perspectives: Examine social phenomena across geographic regions and cultures, offering comparative analyses and fostering international dialogue.
  • Adopt diverse methodologies: Encourage quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, and critical approaches, promoting methodological rigor and transparency.
  • Emphasize multi-level analysis: Explore the interplay between individual, group, institutional, and societal dynamics, providing holistic insights into social processes.
  • Engage with policy and practice: Analyze the effectiveness of social interventions, inform policy decisions, and bridge the gap between research and application.

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Anthropology: Cultural studies, social organization, political anthropology, environmental anthropology, Religious Culture
  • Communication Studies: Media analysis, social and cultural aspects of communication, technology and society
  • Criminology: Crime and deviance, justice systems, social control, security
  • Economics: Political economy, development economics, behavioral economics, environmental economics, Islamic Economics
  • Education: Curriculum and pedagogy, social inequalities in education, educational policy, higher education, Islamic & Religious Education
  • Geography: Human geography, environmental studies, urban geography, development geography
  • History: Social history, cultural history, political history, global history, Islamic History
  • Political Science: International relations, comparative politics, political theory, public policy
  • Psychology: Social psychology, cultural psychology, environmental psychology, political psychology
  • Sociology: Social stratification, social movements, family and gender studies, race and ethnicity, Muslim Societies
  • Literature: Literary Theory and Criticism, Comparative Literature, Islamic Theology and Philosophy and Islamic Literature, Language and Lierature

JASSS seeks to remain at the forefront of social science research by engaging with emerging themes, methodological innovations, and critical challenges shaping our world. We invite scholars from all career stages and backgrounds to submit their research and contribute to the vibrant intellectual discourse of the journal.