Peer Review Policy

Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences

The Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (JASSS) upholds a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality, validity, and significance of the research published in our journal. Peer review is an essential component of scholarly publishing, providing an objective evaluation of submitted manuscripts by experts in the respective field. The peer review process at JASSS adheres to the following principles:

Double-Blind Review
All manuscripts submitted to JASSS undergo double-blind peer review, where the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are anonymized to ensure impartial evaluation. This approach minimizes potential biases and ensures that manuscripts are assessed solely on their scholarly merit.

Selection of Reviewers
Reviewers are selected based on their expertise, qualifications, and familiarity with the subject matter of the submitted manuscript. The Editorial Board of JASSS carefully selects reviewers who possess the necessary knowledge and experience to provide insightful feedback on the manuscript. Reviewers are expected to disclose any conflicts of interest and to maintain confidentiality throughout the review process.

Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers assess manuscripts based on predetermined criteria, including originality, significance, methodological rigor, clarity of presentation, and adherence to ethical standards. Reviewers provide constructive feedback aimed at improving the quality and impact of the manuscript. Authors receive detailed comments and suggestions for revision to address any deficiencies identified during the review process.

Timeliness and Efficiency
JASSS is committed to ensuring timely and efficient peer review, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Reviewers are requested to provide their evaluations promptly, typically within a specified timeframe. Editors monitor the progress of the peer review process and communicate with reviewers and authors to expedite the publication process.

Editorial Decision
Following the completion of the peer review process, the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editor evaluates the reviewers' comments and recommendations to make an informed editorial decision. Manuscripts may be accepted, revised and resubmitted, or rejected based on the evaluation of their scholarly merit and contribution to the field. Authors receive clear and transparent feedback on the editorial decision, along with guidance for revisions if applicable.

Appeals and Dispute Resolution
Authors have the right to appeal editorial decisions if they believe there has been a procedural error or if they can provide substantial evidence to challenge the decision. Appeals are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief or a designated member of the Editorial Board, and decisions are made based on a thorough assessment of the appeal and relevant information.

Continuous Improvement
JASSS is committed to continuous improvement of the peer review process to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity. Feedback from authors, reviewers, and readers is welcome and actively solicited to identify areas for improvement and to enhance the effectiveness of our peer review system.

Last updated: June 30, 2023