Plagiarism Policy

Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences

Plagiarism undermines the integrity of academic research and violates the trust of readers, authors, and the scholarly community. The Journal of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (JASSS) is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity. The following guidelines outline our policy on plagiarism:

Definition of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's words, ideas, or work without proper attribution or permission, presenting them as one's own. This includes, but is not limited to, copying verbatim text from another source without quotation marks or citation, paraphrasing content without acknowledgment, and submitting work that has been previously published elsewhere without proper citation or permission.

Plagiarism Detection
JASSS utilizes plagiarism detection software to screen all submitted manuscripts for potential instances of plagiarism. Authors are required to ensure that their work is original and properly cited. Any manuscript found to contain significant plagiarized content will be rejected or retracted from publication.

Author Responsibility
Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality of their work and for appropriately citing all sources used in their research. This includes citing direct quotations, paraphrased content, and ideas borrowed from other sources. Authors must also disclose any conflicts of interest and obtain necessary permissions for the use of copyrighted material.

Editorial Action
If plagiarism is detected in a submitted manuscript, the editorial team will take appropriate action based on the severity of the offense. This may include rejection of the manuscript, notification of the author's institution or funding agency, and prohibition of future submissions to JASSS. In cases where plagiarism is discovered in a published article, the article will be retracted, and an official notice of retraction will be issued.

Appeals and Corrections
Authors have the right to appeal editorial decisions related to plagiarism allegations. Appeals should be submitted in writing to the editorial office, along with supporting evidence and justification. If errors or instances of plagiarism are identified in published articles, corrections will be promptly issued, and the corrected version will be made available to readers.

Educational Outreach
JASSS is committed to promoting awareness of ethical standards and proper citation practices among authors, reviewers, and the academic community. Educational resources on plagiarism prevention and citation guidelines are provided on the journal's website to support authors in maintaining academic integrity.

Contact Information
For inquiries regarding our plagiarism policy or to report suspected cases of plagiarism, please contact the editorial office at or visit our website

Last updated: June 30, 2023